“Don't blame landlords for the current housing crisis” – thejournal.ie

MINISTER OF STATE John Halligan has incited hatred by telling TheJournal.ie that he would “jail the bastards”, referring to landlords.

These comments are despicable, filthy and foul mouthed and do not represent the crucial role played by the providers of good quality affordable accommodation to over 700,000 people.

It is outrageous for a member of the government to publicly denigrate a body of people who are crucial to solving the housing situation. 

Lack of supply

Rental property is part of the solution to the supply of affordable accommodation, together with home ownership, and social housing provided by the local authorities and housing associations.

The current difficulty is the shortage of all accommodation.  The state has not built social housing in recent years and people who have a need and should be housed in this accommodation are being forced into the private rental sector.


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