Landlords threaten to impose levies in response to 4% rent cap – Irish Times

Fianna Fáil has called for the Competition Authority to investigate a group of landlords who are threatening to bring in a number of new charges for tenants in response to Government measures to control rents.

The Irish Property Owners’ Association (IPOA), which represents 5,000 landlords, said it was considering imposing 12 new levies on tenants including property tax, service charges, registration fees, car parking fees, and call out payments in response.

“The measures being introduced are so severe that rents will not cover costs and devaluation of property will be significant, all adding to the exit of the investor,” IPOA chairman Stephen Faughnan said. “It is notable that Government and those demanding change are oblivious to the huge burden that all these measures will have on the tenants and the loss of supply.”

Mr Faughnan said the landlords could also seek compensation for damages and barring orders against tenants for

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