Mick: The Residential Tenancies Board Is a Good Idea, Flawed in Practice – Dublin Inquirer

Photo by Simon Auffret

The Central Statistic Office’s Housing Profile, published last Thursday, provided further evidence of the exponential growth of the rental sector in Ireland.

Home ownership is at its lowest rate since the early 1970s, and renters have become the majority in some urban areas. What the CSO figures tell us is that we are not, as sometimes thought, at the peak of a rental crisis.

Rather, we are at the beginning of a transition to a very different type of housing system and society, one in which renting is a major long-term option for the majority, especially in Dublin.

As Ireland appears to be on an inexorable track from being a society of homeowners to one of renters, it is particularly important to understand how poorly regulated the private rental sector is.

One aspect of this is the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), an agency which is at

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