Rents in Dublin have ballooned by 37pc since 2012, report shows –

Rental figures all over the country are rising in what is described as a ‘volatile’ market. Any Irish person can tell you anecdotally that the rental market in the country at present is perilous, with Ireland firmly in the grip of a massive housing crisis. New figures from the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) reveal just how

Rent pressure zone landlords ‘imposed illegal price hikes’ – Irish Times

Almost eight in 10 landlords in rent pressure zones wrongly imposed rent increases on tenants, according to the State authority that handles landlord-tenant disputes. The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) found that in 44 recent cases where tenants faced rent hikes that were greater than the market rate, 34 of the rent review notices, some 77

Department rejects idea of rent register to stop hikes by landlords – Irish Times

The Department of Housing has poured cold water on the idea of a mandatory rent register suggested as a means of helping tenants stop landlords imposing steep rent increases, citing data protection concerns. Housing charity Threshold has called for a rent register to help tenants challenge landlords who increase rents beyond the 4 per cent

Rental rights: Here’s everything tenants need to know – Irish Times

What do you need to know when renting a new home? What rights do you have if your landlord tries to put up your rent? Who can you turn to for support if worried about losing your home? We’ve gone through the most important tips and pointers for those renting to help you feel secure

'Grossly unfair': Landlords are not happy about new plans to penalise vacant property owners –

File photo of vacant properties in a ghost estate in Co Leitrim. (Dated 2011) Image: Mark Stedman File photo of vacant properties in a ghost estate in Co Leitrim. (Dated 2011) Image: Mark Stedman NEW PLANS TO penalise owners of vacant properties have been met with resistance from landlord groups, with one organisation warning the