Competition and Consumer Protection Commission's Annual Report for 2016 – Lexology

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) recently published its 2016 annual report, which is a useful overview of the CCPC’s activities in its second full year of operation.

The CCPC is an independent statutory body with a dual mandate to enforce competition and consumer protection law in Ireland. It was established on 31 October 2014 after the amalgamation of the National Consumer Agency and the Competition Authority.

Merger Control

Merger control played a significant role in the CCPC’s work during 2016.

Sixty-seven merger notifications were made to the CCPC – down from the record-high of seventy-eight notified in 2015. The CCPC made seventy merger determinations during 2016, including on some notifications made in late 2015, with one of those 70 determinations being a Phase 2 determination (all the others were Phase 1 determinations). Some sixty-five transactions were cleared within thirty working days of the notification, with four being

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