Government to crack down on landlords who retain deposits from renters –

Image: Shutterstock/AntonGrachev Image: Shutterstock/AntonGrachev

DEPOSIT RETENTION BY landlords is to be tackled by government with the roll out of the long-awaited Deposit Protection Scheme.

The scheme will ensure there is a legal definition that a deposit will cover one month rent only. It’s understood this could also allow the Residential Tenancy Board (RTB) to retain deposits until both landlord and tenant agree it can be released.

Last year, the RTB received 4,837 new applications for dispute resolution, a 20% increase on 2015. One of the most common disputes is landlords refusing to return deposit payments.

It’s understood powers of the RTB in relation to deposit retention are to be enhanced, with the Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy due to announce a raft of reforms to help struggling renters next week.


It’s common practice for landlords to request deposits of one month’s rent, which can be

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