New guidelines rule out rent hikes for painting and decorating – Irish Times

Landlords in a Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) cannot hike rents above prescribed thresholds after performing basic maintenance such as painting or appliance replacement, new guidelines have clarified. Under the law, owners of properties in RPZ areas in counties such as Dublin, Kildare and Cork can only raise the rent by a maximum of four per

Backing Up Big Data? Chances Are You're Doing It Wrong – Datanami

(Full_chok/Shutterstock) The increasing pervasiveness of social networking, multi-cloud applications and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and services continues to drive exponential growth in big data solutions. As businesses become more data driven and larger, more current data sets become important to support the online business processes, analytics, intelligence and decisions. Additionally, data availability and integrity

Landlords could face fines if they don't register their tenants, says the Residential Tenancies Board – Irish Mirror

Over 15,000 rogue landlords could face hefty fines for failing to register tenants, the country’s leading rental standards watchdog has warned. The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) has singled out these rogue landlords a number of ways, including getting local councils to send on names of all people receiving government payments for tenants on low income.

The average cost of rent in Ireland has never, ever, ever been higher –

Image: Shutterstock/zimmytws Image: Shutterstock/zimmytws RENTS IN IRELAND have soared 11% in 2017 to an all-time high of €1,200. The latest quarterly rental report by shows that the average monthly rent across the country was €1,198 in the third quarter of the year. In Dublin, the increase in rents in the year to September 2017

Customer satisfaction: where to turn when things go wrong – Irish Times

Among the many harsh – and sometimes heartbreaking – lessons we’ve learned from the tracker mortgage scandal that continues to unfold in the corridors of power (and yes, we are talking about the banks here) is the fact that despite all the regulators and authorities set up over the past 30 years or so, it

'Nothing but sharks and vultures' – Calls for enforcement after RTÉ documentary on dodgy landlords –

Image: RTE Image: RTE CALLS HAVE BEEN made for tougher enforcement on rental properties after an RTÉ investigation exposed a number of homes that were unfit for purpose. The Prime Time Investigates programme highlighted how some landlords were charging over 20 people hundreds of euro a month for homes that were barely habitable. Three properties