Know your rights on rent hikes as landlords dodge control rules –

Some landlords are getting around rent controls by introducing fees for parking and bins, according to housing charity Threshold. As a result, a number of tenants are facing rent hikes well in excess of the increases allowed under the rent control rules. Some landlords are circumnavigating the rent-control legislation by charging for parking spaces,” said

Surge in ‘renovictions’ reported in rent pressure zones – Irish Times

Just over a year ago, the Government introduced “rent pressure zones” in response to rising costs for tenants. Initially concentrated on areas in Dublin and Cork, they now cover 21 local electoral areas. But what difference have they made? Landlords in such zones can impose a maximum rent increase on existing tenants of 4 per

Will rent controls start to work in 2018? – Irish Times

If you’re wondering why the much-vaunted rent controls, first introduced this time last year, are having so little impact on stalling price growth, consider this investor’s tale. He had a house rented out close to Dublin that was bringing in €1,300 a month – far below the market rates, which were more than €1,800. Stymied