Surge in ‘renovictions’ reported in rent pressure zones – Irish Times

Just over a year ago, the Government introduced “rent pressure zones” in response to rising costs for tenants. Initially concentrated on areas in Dublin and Cork, they now cover 21 local electoral areas. But what difference have they made?

Landlords in such zones can impose a maximum rent increase on existing tenants of 4 per cent a year. But campaigners say they’re not properly enforced.

While acknowledging implementation has been “far from perfect”, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said last month: “The rent pressure zones were designed to cap rent increases to protect people who had tenancies on their homes, and they are working in that regard.”

Others are less sanguine. Michelle Connolly from the Dublin Central Housing Action campaign says the introduction of rent pressure zones (RPZs) failed to control or limit rent increases and failed to create a stable rental system.

“It has been positive in that some rent increases

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