Mick: Landlords Aren't Fleeing the Market in Droves – Dublin Inquirer

Photo by Simon Auffret

After the most recent Daft.ie report, which showed yet another year of double-digit growth in Dublin’s rental market, the Irish Property Owners Association (IPOA) claimed that the problem is that landlords just can’t make money in today’s rental sector.

That’s right – the problem with double-digit rent increases, on top of the average 60 percent rent increases we already saw nationwide between 2012 and 2017 – is that landlords can’t make money.

Confused? You should be because this is nonsense. That hasn’t stopped the idea that landlords can’t make a buck and are fleeing the sector becoming a common refrain in media and policy debates.

The argument from the IPOA is that while rents are increasing and are at historic highs, landlords have mortgages and other costs to bear and so are fleeing the market.

This is true in some instances, but when we take in the whole picture, it looks

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