Family of 3 sharing room after landlord tried to increase rent by €500: Ireland's housing horror stories –

File photo. Residential blocks in Dublin Image: Shutterstock/Raquel Mathias File photo. Residential blocks in Dublin Image: Shutterstock/Raquel Mathias A LANDLORD OFFERING to swap with tenants and charge them higher rent, a woman on maternity leave whose landlord refuses rent supplement and a mother-of-two at risk of homelessness because her landlord is selling the house –

Rent zones won't be extended – The Argus

Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) status won’t be extended to Dundalk and north Louth as average rents fall below the standardised rates, the Minister for Housing confirmed last week. rogheda is currently the only part of Louth which is included in the RPZ scheme, aimed at capping rents and rent increases. Speaking on the issue in

Home truths: Why Airbnb tweaks won't solve the housing crisis –

The government says that the prominence of short-term properties in specific areas of Dublin is responsible for making the housing crisis worse. Landlords say that they are being made into scapegoats. Amanda Cassidy finds out what’s really going on with the Irish rental market.  Paul Lock (29) is nearly ironing the bedsheets for his forthcoming

€1.6 million in rent arrears awarded to landlords in 2017 –

Source: IRISH LANDLORDS WERE awarded a total of €1.6 million in rent arrears last year after raising the issue with the state rentals board. The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) details the figure in its annual report, published this morning (and viewable here), along with the fact that 77% of raised rents which were reviewed

Over 90 per cent of tenants in disputes got deposit refund with RTB help – Irish Times

Over 90 per cent of tenants who went to the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) after landlords withheld their deposits were fully or partially refunded last year, according to the RTB’s annual report. The board had a record demand for its services last year with 170,000 calls , an increase of 31 per cent since 2016.