CCTV: ensuring you do not breach data protection laws – Lexology

The case study at our recent commercial leases seminars included a section about the installation of CCTV in the common parts of a building and in the car park.

We discussed the steps that a property owner needs to take before installing CCTV on the premises. In this legal insight we answer some of the questions that were raised following that session.

You made it clear that the use of CCTV would be subject to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR), but would a landlord offering swipe card entry that tracks tenants’ movements be subject to GDPR?

Yes, if a swipe card entry system can track the times that a tenant has entered and left the building, this would be subject to the GDPR as this would involve recording and processing personal data about tenants. However, this type of processing is less intrusive than CCTV as it records much

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