Landlords and agencies have started asking people for viewing fees, says Threshold –

Image: Shutterstock/Cilinskas Image: Shutterstock/Cilinskas

HOUSING CHARITY THRESHOLD is calling for a change in legislation to protect tenants after reports of landlords asking for viewing fees.

Agents working at the housing charity have recently received phone calls from people querying the practice. 

In one case, a young woman requested advice from Threshold.

The woman expressed an interest in viewing a property. She then received a phone call from an agency and was told that she had been invited to view the property that afternoon – but that she’d have to pay a €500 fee.

According to Threshold, the woman was told that this was a requirement of anyone hoping to view this property.

If she was not in a position to pay this fee then she’d not be able to view.

Stephen Large of Threshold says that landlords and agencies requesting viewing fees is

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