Councillors Push for More Oversight of Approved Housing Bodies – Dublin Inquirer

Photo by Sean Finnan

Three months back, hopeful tenants were interviewed to see if they would score a place in Harold’s Court on Parnell Road near the Grand Canal.

But they’re yet to move in, says Sinn Féin’s Críona Ní Dhálaigh. She sought answers from Túath Housing, the approved housing body (AHB) that bought the block of homes in April, she said at the full council meeting at the start of November.

But phone calls and queries went unanswered. She was unable to tell her constituent, a woman with young children, what her options might be, and what steps she might consider next, she says.

Ní Dhálaigh says the woman she spoke to had no news or guarantee of when the home would be ready for her. “She took another offer,” she says.

Hundreds of approved housing bodies manage tens of thousands of homes across Ireland, many in Dublin,

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