Cost of rent in Galway climbs to second highest in Ireland – Galway Daily

The cost of rent in Galway has climbed a position in the national rankings, passing Cork to become the second highest in Ireland.

The average cost of rent in Galway city was €1,187 per month in the third quarter of this year according to the latest report from the Residential Tenancies Board.

This is second only to Dublin where the average rent now stands at €1,680, and above the national average of €1,122.

The cost of renting in Galway city has risen by more than 10% since Q2 2018 according to the RTB, with a €115.

Cork fell to third place on the table with average rents of €1,172, up by €114 in the last quarter.

Out in the county costs are slightly lower, with the average cost to rent now standing at €1,1,04.

But it has seen a similar level of increase, with prices going up 10% since Q2

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