Prison service faces time in the docks – Irish Examiner

A new director general was appointed to the Irish Prison Service last month, but the picture painted of the system by the minister was questionable, writes Michael Clifford.

What’s going on in the prisons? Last month, the minister for justice announced the appointment of Caron McCaffrey as the new director general of the Irish Prison Service.

“Her leadership will be essential in building on the significant advances made in recent years,” he said, “and in continuing to embed and drive further improvements in how we provide safe, secure, humane, and rehabilitative custody for people sent to prison in line with international human rights standards.”

Perhaps the minister was referencing another prison service because the one described bears little resemblance to the service that governs prisons in this State.

Today’s story in the Irish Examiner is one example of the kind of issues that pertain behind the State’s prison walls.

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