Galway Simon welcomes affordable housing task force – Galway Daily

The announcement of the special Housing Taskforce to deliver on affordable housing targets in Galway has been welcomed by Galway Simon Community. The taskforce, which will be set up by Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy, will identify issues that are preventing people from securing housing, and hope to increase the availability of affordable and social

Landlords slate proposal to curb evictions | Ireland – The Times

Two bills designed to make evictions more difficult have been branded misguided and populist by landlords. The Irish Property Owners’ Association (IPOA) criticised proposed legislation yesterday that would include new restrictions on the grounds for ending a tenancy. The bills also provide for limiting a deposit to one month’s rent, designating the country as a

Rent-only apartment schemes on the up but ownership declines – The Irish Times

After years of few new apartment developments in Dublin, 2018 was characterised by the rise in their popularity, with planning applications lodged for thousands of new units – a trend that is continuing into 2019. According to Kate Ryan, head of research for BNP Paribas Real Estate Ireland, investors ploughed almost €1 billion into Dublin’s private

Landlords concerned over proposed legislation –

The Irish Property Owners’ Association (IPOA) has said landlords are concerned about proposed legislation which would ban evictions on the grounds of sale.  Tom O’Brien, of the IPOA was speaking to the Oireachtas Housing Committee today, which was discussing the changes proposed in the Anti-Eviction Bill and Greater Security and Rent Certainty Bill. He said