Charity urges government to clarify rent pressure zone legislation – Irish Examiner

Housing charity Threshold has urged the government to clarify the long-term status of the rent pressure zone legislation. The rules, which cap rent increases at 4% per annum, are currently due to expire before the end of the year. A spokesperson for Threshold said it is essential that clarity is given to renters in RPZs.

Rent pressure zones in Navan and Limerick City East have come ‘too late’ – The Irish Times

The Threshold housing charity has welcomed the designation of Limerick City East and Navan as rent pressure zones but reiterated calls for a rent register to ensure the regulation of rent increases across the State. The charity noted that last year’s seven per cent increase in average rent, coupled with the 10,264 people living in

Limerick City East meets criteria for inclusion in Rent Pressure Zone – Limerick Post

LIMERICK City East has now met the criteria to be included in the Rent Pressure Zones (RPZ) for the first time. An electoral area being included in the RPZ would mean that rent prices in that area would be capped at rising by up to four per cent, per year. Sign up for the weekly

Navan declared a Rent Pressure Zone – Meath Chronicle

Navan is to be designated a Rent Pressure Zone, as the latest Rent Index from the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), shows that the town Limerick City East meet teh designated criteria. Following designation as an RPZ, rent increases in these areas are limited to a maximum rent increase of four per cent per annum. The standardised

Two more areas become Rent Pressure Zones as rent prices continue to rise –

Image: Mark Stedman via Image: Mark Stedman via TWO NEW AREAS of the country have now met the criteria to become Rent Pressure Zones (RPZs).  This comes as the latest rent index report from the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) is released, which finds that the standardised national average rent is over €1,100 per