Dealing With A Rogue Landlord – Galway Daily

Landlord and Tenant are two words which have deep historical roots in Ireland. Often followed by a dreaded word: “eviction”.

Back to Famine times, the relationship between landlord and tenant was unfriendly. The landlords were the rich, the Ascendancy, the oppressors, the tenants were always the victims, the Irish, the peasants, the poor people.

All that was supposed to change at Independence. In fact the old landlord class were replaced by new landlords in towns and cities all over the country. Buying a second house and renting it out was seen as a smart investment. All through the 20th century the tenants remained playing second fiddle. Very little security of tenure, usually one year, renewable at the landlord’s discretion. Disputes were settled, often quite slowly, through the District Courts. Sometimes disputes were settled illegally e.g changing the locks, and occasionally by physical intimidation.

However, that has changed radically in the

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