DPC orders letting agent to take down tenant review site – Law Society of Ireland Gazette

Property letting agent PJ McCann wants to go live with a prototype of an online database of tenant reviews because he is tired of dealing with “vexed landlords” who have had their properties wrecked.

He says the anonymised index will rate tenants about whether they have paid their rent in full and on time and the condition in which they left the property after leaving.

Evidence about bad tenants, such as photographs of uncleared rubbish and  unpaid bills will be held on the database.

However the Meath-based managing director at McCann & Curran Realty says he was ordered by the Data Protection Commission to take down the first iteration of the site and told he would be slapped with a €10,000 fine if he failed to comply.

McCann says that landlords are now routinely given legal advice to “pay off” bad tenants and give them a cash lump

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