The shower, the sink and the wardrobe –

Tenants in a Dublin house are paying close to €400 to rent a bunk bed in a shower room, our pictures show.

he four-bedroom house in Inchicore was advertised on a Facebook group and there are currently nine people living there.

As Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy continues to be hit by a backlash over his comments about the development of co-living blocks – saying young people should be “excited” to pay less for less space – these images reveal the cramped conditions some renters in Ireland are living in.

The Herald viewed the property and spoke to two tenants, who said all areas of the house are communal and “they share everything”.

In one bedroom, there are a set of bunk beds, a shower, a sink and a wardrobe.

However, the prospective tenant who rents the bottom bunk will be given only two drawers in the hallway for their clothes.

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