Criminal prosecutions over rogue landlords unlikely, regulator says – The Irish Times

It is unlikely criminal sanctions will be pursued against rogue landlords, due to difficulties proving they “knowingly” broke regulations, the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) senior legal officer has said.

The Government recently introduced stricter new laws governing the private rental market, which would see jail time or heavy fines for landlords found to have breached rules around rent caps and notices of termination.

However, Janette Fogarty, head of legal affairs at the RTB, which regulates the rental market, said the intention would be to pursue landlords in civil rather than criminal cases.

Under criminal offences, for which landlords can serve up to six months in prison if found guilty, there had to be proof they knowingly broke rental regulations, Ms Fogarty said.

“We’ve seen with the RTB, there’s [criminal] offences within the current 2004 legislation but it can be difficult to prove intent, but we think the civil route will

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