Explainer: The new rules on Airbnb hosting come into effect today – here's what you need to know – TheJournal.ie

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NEW SHORT-TERM letting regulations came into effect today across Ireland. 

Under these new laws, home-sharing on platforms such as Airbnb will, in effect, only be allowed where a house is a person’s primary residence inside designated ‘rent pressure zones’.

Home-sharing – people renting out a part or all of their home for a period of time, usually to tourists who are visiting the country – will now operate under strict limits and be monitored by local authorities.

So, here’s a quick explainer about who is affected by these new regulations.

Why have these regulations been brought in?

In areas of high demand, there have been concerns for some time that professional landlords are withdrawing houses and apartments that would normally be rented on a long-term basis and are instead renting them out as short-term lets, reducing the availability of long-term

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