Figures suggest two-in-five renters in 'pressure zones' still being hit with rent increases above 4% –

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NEW RESEARCH SUGGESTS that two-in-five tenants in Rent Pressure Zones (RPZs) still face rates of increases above 4% despite caps.

Under RPZ legislation, annual rent rises are capped at 4% in certain areas. 

New research published today, commissioned by the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), provides insights into the impact RPZs are having on rental trends, including landlords and tenants in Ireland.

The research shows that there has been a moderation in price inflation of 2.5% to 3% per annum within the designated RPZ areas. 

Rent Pressure Zone (RPZ) laws were first introduced in December 2016 by then-Housing Minister Simon Coveney in order to tackle spiralling rents.

RPZs are located in areas of the country where rents are highest and where households have the greatest difficulty finding affordable accommodation. 

Increases above the cap


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