Supply of private rented tenancies must be protected given very strong demand, warns RTB – Irish Examiner

The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) has expressed concern over a large reduction in the number of registered private rented tenancies last year against a background of a shortage of housing.

New figures from the RTB show the number of tenancies registered by private landlords fell by almost 2% or just under 6,000 to 307,348 in 2018.

“This is a significant reduction given the extreme demand pressures in the market,” said the RTB.

There was an associated decrease in the number of registered landlords, which fell by 0.5% to 173,197 and in the number of occupants of rental properties which was down 2.7% to 695,142.

In its latest annual report, the RTB said vulnerable and low-income tenants were most affected by a lack of supply resulting from a growing population and inward migration.

“It is important that this contraction in the market is monitored and that existing supply is protected as

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