Tenancies board apologises for mishandling of tenants’ case – Irish Examiner

The director and assistant director of the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) have apologised for the mishandling of a case in which a bank is seeking to repossess a house but where the householders lodged an appeal and money was taken from their account, only for the RTB to rule that the bank could proceed.

At a previous court sitting, Denis Collins BL, for AMOSS Solicitors which acts for Bank of Scotland, sought the enforcement of a initial termination notice that had been served on the tenants of a property, who in turn had referred the matter to the RTB.

The RTB then issued an adjudication report with regard to a property, and the solicitors for the tenants claim they then appealed, but then heard nothing more.

The court heard a determination order was then issued from the RTB, apparently on the basis that no appeal was lodged.

Colette McCarthy, who

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