The Money Doctor's guide to being a landlord –

If you’re a landlord these days, you’ll know owning property to let isn’t a walk in the park despite the massive rent increases. John Lowe the Money Doctor takes a look from a landlord’s perspective at everything you need to know on:

●  Residential Tenancies Board (formerly PRTB)
●  Rental rules and regulations
●  Offsetting expenses
●  Mortgages (including ICS mortgages)

1. Residential Tenancies Board (RTB; formerly PRTB)
First things first: if you are a new landlord with a residential investment property, or are welcoming your first tenants, you need to ensure you are all registered with the RTB. You can do this online or by post: 

Although it may seem like a lot of paperwork, it’s worth it (and legally required) to ensure that you do everything by the book according to the guidelines set out on the RTB’s site. Everything you could need to know is there, so use it: guidelines on

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