'Incompetent' Eoghan Murphy let colleges duck rent pressure zone rules – Wexford People

The country’s universities were able to engage in widespread rent hikes because new caps introduced by the Housing Minister don’t take effect until next week.

oghan Murphy is being accused of “incompetence” after colleges pre-empted his clampdown, rendering it useless for the coming academic term. The Irish Independent revealed yesterday that students are facing rent increases of up to 11.5pc year on year for university-owned and on-campus accommodation.

New laws assigning student residences as rent pressure zones (RPZs) were passed by the Dáil last May – but the start date was set to coincide with next week’s CAO offers.

As a result third-level institutions had almost three months to increase their prices in advance of the 4pc cap being applied. It is understood this lead-in period was deemed necessary so the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) could be sufficiently staffed up to register 30,000 student places.

“It was always understood that

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