RTB threatened to take legal action if Take Back the City protested in its office again – TheJournal.ie

Image: Stephen McDermott/TheJournal.ie Image: Stephen McDermott/TheJournal.ie

THE RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES board (RTB) threatened to take legal action against a protest group after activists occupied the Dublin office last year and forced the cancellation of a tribunal hearing.

Around 50 people occupied the board’s office for less than two hours on 21 November last year to call for a number of changes to the system.

Take Back the City issued a document with a set of demands to RTB Director Rosalind Carroll on the day of the protest including; that evictions be immediately banned, the establishment of an independent rental board, a cap on rents of 20% of income, the exclusion of individuals from the RTB tribunal if they have property interest and the licencing of all landlords.

In a written response to matters raised by the group, released to TheJournal.ie through a Freedom of

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