Is it really cheaper to buy than to rent in Dublin? Absolutely – The Irish Times

Fairness is in short supply when it comes to putting a roof over your head in 21st century Ireland.

And what better illustrates the almost incomprehensibly bonkers and inequitable nature of the Irish home market better than the cost of buying versus the cost of renting.

A home owner rather than renter is clearly in a stronger position financially – and in all sorts of other ways – over the medium and longer term. Not only do they enjoy security of tenure, they also end up, all things being equal, with an asset worth hundreds of thousand of euro at the end of a process that can – as we will show – take as little as 15 years.

A person who is renting on the other hand, has to contend with the capricious whims of landlords and can find themselves turfed onto the street with limited notice. They can

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