Revenue ups its oversight of landlords in this year’s tax returns – The Irish Times

Landlords hoping to reduce their tax bill this October will need to ensure they have registered their properties, as the Revenue again increases its oversight of those earning rental income.

And for those letting out properties via HAP (housing assistance payment) tenants, there will be no room to hide earnings, as Revenue has prepopulated this year’s tax forms with data on rents shared by local authorities.

The move comes as landlords and other self-employed earners start to prepare their annual Form 11 tax returns, which must be filed – and paid – in paper by October 31st or online via the Ros service by November 12th.

In order to claim a deduction on interest paid on a mortgage on a rental property (offered at 85 per cent for 2018 and 100 per cent for 2019), which can be used to defray tax owed on rental income, landlords must have the

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