Students charged €5.5k each up-front for accommodation in one popular Limerick district – Limerick Leader

IN A WEEK which saw thousands of students flock to Limerick for the start of the new academic year, a landlord has charged a number of students €5.5k each up-front for privately rented accommodation near UL campus.

When broken down, the price of rent for said students is over €800 a month for a room with an en-suite bathroom – almost double the average price in the area for privately rented rooms. 

The landlord, who owns two properties in the vicinity of the university, claims he charges the rates in accordance with UL’s on-campus accommodation rates. 

The landlord also states that “substantial damage” to his properties has resulted in him charging the rates, which are almost double that of the equivalent homes in the area. 

“Go to College Court and see the damage that students do there, they’re partying on the roof and tell me what insurance company would reinsure any

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