Five graphs that tell the story of the Irish rental crisis – The Irish Times

Rental growth has slowed, but rents are still rising and – averaging just over €1,400 per month – remain among the highest in Europe. And not only is the average level of rents high, but research confirms what anyone looking for an apartment knows – there are few cheaper properties available. There are signs of supply increasing but much more is needed if rents are to not to remain at levels that are unaffordable for many. And the crunch issue remains – we can’t seem to build apartments at an affordable cost. Here is the problem in five graphs.

1. Soaring rents and apartment living

The rise in rents is slowing – finally – after an extraordinary rise. According to the latest report from, the annual increase in rents has fallen from 12 per cent in mid-2008 to 5.2 per cent now. In Dublin, the rental inflation rate has

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