The big data dilemma: how housing associations are tackling new data protection challenges – Inside Housing

He is also aware that tenants are often being advised to put in a request by their solicitor during disputes. “I’ve seen more and more requests from solicitor firms in support of their client,” says Mr Sandersfield. “And they want everything. I guess they are looking for a chink in the armour.”

He adds: “It’s almost a little victory for the common man against the corporate, which is frustrating, but they are entitled to it.”

G15 housing association Network Homes has been forced to grapple with similar issues over access requests. “There are some tenants that will make an access request every three months,” says Tabitha Kassem, director of governance, legal and compliance at Network. Last year Network even recruited a new member of staff whose sole responsibility is dealing with the requests.

But there can be a positive outcome from complaints, she suggests. “Generally, we find that people are

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