Housing crisis: What the rest of the world can teach Ireland – The Irish Times

“The Housing Fix” is an Irish Times series exploring solutions to Ireland’s housing crisis – arguably the biggest social and economic issue facing the country and its next government – in the run-up to the general election. For more, read Cliff Taylor’s 12-step plan of action, David McWilliams’s economic analysis and our voter’s guide to the parties’ housing manifestos.

LOW-COST RENT Vienna, Austria

Among the most discussed ways of improving outcomes for renters is the so-called “Vienna model”. Roughly based on a type of tenancy popular in the Austrian capital, the model is based on what is called “cost rental”.

In a cost rental model, the rent paid by a tenant is based on the cost of supplying the building and covering ongoing cost, rather than including a profit margin. Those who cannot afford such a rent level are often given housing subsidies to live in the development.

Under a

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