Students’ Union 'outraged' at NUI Galway rent hike – Irish Examiner

The NUI Galway Students’ Union have expressed outrage at an increase in on-campus accommodation, describing it as a “barrier to access to education”.

From September, a single room at the Goldcrest student accommodation will cost €750 a month after the cost was increased by 4% – the maximum allowed in a rent-pressure zone.

“We meet students everyday who have to work two or more part-time jobs to stay in college, students who commute huge distances, students who can’t afford decent accommodation and students who aren’t in college who should be,” NUI Galway Students’ Union President Clare Austick said.

We are outraged that in the midst of an accommodation crisis the University is again looking to profit from the desperation of students looking for accommodation.

In the NUI Galway Strategy 2020-2025, the college said it wanted to provide “additional affordable and sustainable on-campus accommodation for our students”.

The Students’

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