Prison Service now has temperature checks at the entrances to all prisons –

Image: Sam Boal via Image: Sam Boal via

TEMPERATURE SCREENING HAS been introduced by the Irish Prison Service (IPS) at entrances to all prisons here in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus into the prison system. 

The IPS introduced the measure on Sunday across all 12 sites including Mountjoy, the Midlands, Arbour Hill, Cork and Limerick prisons.

Assistant General Secretary of the Irish Prison Officers’ Association (IPOA), Gabriel Keaveny said that prison staff “are very much re-assured by the introduction of temperature screening”.

Along with all staff, prisoners and other visitors to prison having their temperature taken, teams of IPS operational group staff also ask those entering prisons a series of health related questions.

Temperature screening to public buildings, restaurants, bars and other privately owned enterprises in China, South Korea and Singapore has been an important tool in containing

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