Are Social Tenants of Approved Housing Bodies Less Secure Than Council Tenants? – Dublin Inquirer

The Residential Tenancies Board offices. Photo by Lois Kapila.

In the first few months of moving into her new social home, a tenant was warned, verbally, a couple of times about noise, but nothing written down.

Then came a notice to quit the property, from the approved housing body, Tuath Housing, which manages the home.

Lawyered up with the help of Mercy Law Resource Centre, she challenged the AHB at the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) – and won, a recent ruling shows.

There’s been a gradual shift in recent times towards approved housing bodies (AHBs) providing more social housing, as well as the council.

Some have raised questions about differences in how they manage tenants and tenancies – and whether those who move into housing run by AHBs, rather than directly by Dublin City Council, are more insecure, and whether AHBs always respond proportionately to issues that come up.

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