Relief for Kilkenny renters as RTB says levels have dropped off – but only by €1! – Kilkenny Now

Rental prices appear to have leveled off in county Kilkenny, even recording a slight drop in the last quarter of 2019 a new report has revealed.

The standardised average rent in county Kilkenny dropped by €1 or 0.01% in the final quarter of 2019 according to new figures published in the latest Rent Index report released by The Residential Tenancies Board (RTB).

Despite the leveling off of rents at the end of the year, landlords saw a healthy year-on-year increase in average rents, rising from €840 to a maximum of €922 – a 9.6% increase over the year in the 12 months up to December 31, 2019.

In the last quarter however, the average rent fell back to €921, a 0.01% drop on the previous quarter.

Unsurprisingly the highest standardised average rents nationally were in Dublin and now stand at €1,716, while Leitrim remains the lowest at €560 and actually

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