Rents hold steady during Q1, but for how much longer? – Property Reporter

The latest figures released by Deposit Protection Service have revealed that UK tenants paid average monthly rents of £775 during Q1 2020, an increase of just £2 or 0.26% on the previous quarter.

According to the data, London remains the most expensive place in the UK to rent, with monthly rents unchanged from Q4 2019 at £1345, representing 42% of tenants average wages.

The figures cover the period immediately before the Covid-19 pandemic began to seriously disrupt life in England and Wales, and The DPS said that the next set of figures were likely to be affected by the UK’s Government’s advice that people should not move house and other policies, such as the prevention of evictions.

DPS figures show that outside the capital, average monthly rents for Q1 2020 were £679, a £7 (1.04%) increase since Q4 2019. The North-East remains the cheapest place to rent, with

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