The hard questions that need to be asked before leasing land – Farm Ireland

The decision to lease out part or all of one’s farm is not easily arrived at and for many it represents a life-changing decision involving an act of faith in another farmer to look after your land and pay the agreed rent when due.

he decision to lease should be well thought through and professional advice should be sought. The following questions need to be considered when making such an important decision:

I will not be able to cover all of these topics in a single article, so this week I will deal with the first five and cover the remainder in my next column (March 3).

The financial case

In the most recent Teagasc National Farm Survey figures the return from drystock and sheep farms was in the range €130-€140 per acre. This figure may be subject to tax so you may end up with considerably less than that.

Accordingly, the

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