Blog: Does anyone like Labour’s lockdown exit plans for private renting? – Residential Landlords Association

With the first tentative moves towards the lifting of lockdown measures in England and Wales, albeit at very different paces, we got our first glimpse of Labour’s proposals for the private rented sector.

Shadow Housing Minister Thangam Debboinaire MP, issued a five point plan to protect renters when the effective ban on evictions is lifted on 25th June.  It consisted of:

An extension to the ban on evictions to allow further protections to be introduced A change to the law on arrears to protect people who have got into difficulty due to the coronavirus outbreak A two-year period to pay back any arrears A protection from bankruptcy as a result of arrears Increased generosity in the benefits system to help

On first sight, it’s not hard to see why landlords, with anti-social tenants or facing months and months of unpaid rent, might not sign up wholesale.  

A potentially never-ending ban on evictions

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