Commercial landlords warn of limits to help for tenants –

An organisation representing some institutional landlords here has said its members are offering support where appropriate to their commercial tenants through the Covid-19 crisis, but there are limits to what they can do to help. 

Irish Institutional Property (IIP), which represents a section of large retail landlords here, said there is quite a variation in how tenants are coping through the crisis.

“Some tenants are trading at the moment, others are partially trading, there are some who are also continuing to distribute through their online distribution platforms and then there are others who simply cannot trade,” said Pat Farrell, chief executive of IIP.

“I can say with conviction that we have tenants today that we would like to have tomorrow and after this crisis. It is not in anybody’s interest other than to support their tenants in these circumstances…so they have a fighting chance when they come out the other side

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