COVID-19: Implications for the Residential Housing Sector – Lexology


Section 81 of the Coronavirus Act 2020 (“the Act”) has been enacted to protect residential tenants in this difficult and uncertain time. These changes apply equally to private tenants and social tenants.

The Act has put in place a safety net for residential tenants who find themselves unable to comply with the obligations imposed on them by their tenancy. This does not just include rent, and the restrictions apply to attempted evictions based on other grounds.

However, there is a notable absence of legislation to suspend the obligations imposed upon residential landlords either contractually or by statute.

The first part of this article focuses on the changes made by the Act to protect tenants, and the second part explores the issues faced by landlords with respect to their obligations together with possible ways of dealing with the difficulties of complying during this pandemic.

Part 1 – Time-limited ban on

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