Dispute over lease sees storehouse of Ranelagh cafe removed – The Irish Times

A south Dublin coffee shop owner says he wants to negotiate the continuation of his tenacy with his landlord after his storeroom was dismantled by builders in the early hours of Monday morning.

Nicholas Seymour, the owner of Nick’s Coffee, posted an image on Twitter on Monday of builders removing the wooden storeroom of the small kiosk just off the Ranelagh Road in Dublin.

The cafe is still open and operating.

In the tweet, Mr Seymour wrote: “After being told by our solicitor that they can’t just demolish our shop and stores without court order… they do.”

Mr Seymour said he was contacted by Phonewatch at 5.30am on Monday and told they had seen people “breaking into my storeroom” on CCTV.

He went to Ranelagh and found a group of builders knocking down the storage area beside the kiosk, he told The Irish Times.

Gardaí were called to the scene

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