Everything you need to know about post-pandemic property prices – Moneywise Magazine

The ban on viewing properties and moving home because of the coronavirus pandemic brought the housing market to a grinding halt.

Estate agents, buyers and surveyors were banned from visiting properties, and around £82bn in house sales were put on hold. 

While the government has now eased these rules, allowing the housing market to start up again, predictions for house prices are grim.

Is a crash on its way?

Shutting down the economy has caused a huge reduction in the demand for goods and services, with figures from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) showing that the lockdown has shrunk the economy by 31%.

Some experts are predicting steep falls knocking more than £30,000 off the average house price as the long-term economic impact takes its toll.

CEBR forecasts that UK house prices will fall by 13% by the end of 2020, pushing the average house price below

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