'Going to the kitchen is scary': lockdown puts shared rented housing in the spotlight – Inside Housing

“The sharing of kitchen utensils and cutlery and cups, touching kettles and fridge doors, when people are coming in and using things at different times will really heighten the risk. Very often, HMOs are terraced houses with relatively small gardens and living rooms and that two-meter threshold is just going to be very hard to maintain.”

Space is also an issue for those who have to self-isolate. Those who have developed symptoms in shared housing have essentially been told to confine themselves to a single room for 14 days.

“The combination of the small space with the insecurity of knowing that you might be evicted when the government ban ends, [has led to] people telling us about sleepless nights, about becoming physically ill from the stress of this,” adds Ms Wilkinson.

A thorough analysis of a link between HMOs and the spread of virus will not be possible for

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