HISTORY: Crime in Leitrim after the Famine – Leitrim Observer

150 years ago, Ireland had emerged from the Great Famine and was the seventh richest country in the world. Mohill was thriving and confidence amongst tenant farmers and landholders was growing. This short series looks at how Leitrim and Mohill emerged from the famine, what life was like in 1870, and what changed economically and socially to enable Mohill, Leitrim and Ireland to transition towards independence.

Through the 1840s and 1850s, tensions and unrest over land, tenancy and employment made Leitrim one of the most ‘disturbed’ counties in Ireland. As the Famine abated and prosperity increased, new disputes emerged over land, with dispossessed labourers desperately resisting eviction and emigration and new classes of landlord farmers and smallholders seeking greater security of tenure and ownership. These grievances underpinned a general sense of lawlessness that pervaded through the 1850s.[In the 1850s, notwithstanding the unrest over land and tenancy issues, Mohill was a

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