'Ireland Performs' Series Backed Musicians into an Uncomfortable Corner – The Journal of Music

The online concert series ‘Ireland Performs’ ended this week. After six weeks and 120 performances, the series has generated a viewership of over eight hundred thousand across the world. There were some genuinely brilliant musical moments. I watched a number of the concerts myself, and gained a new insight into the work of several of the artists. 

Most of these Irish musicians have lost their entire livelihood. They have not performed live since 12 March, all of their summer work has been cancelled, and they do not know when they will be performing regularly again. For anyone with dependents, a heavy rent or mortgage, or who had invested in future performances, it must be a frightening time. Ireland’s musicians are vulnerable right now and fearful for their future.

And yet they responded to this pandemic with a wave of creativity. They led the way by swiftly moving online and performing digital concerts

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