Keeping a diary could boost your tax refund – Sydney Morning Herald

However, taxpayers are still free to use the more time-consuming, pre-existing methods to deduct working-from-home expenses that required the keeping of detailed receipts to justify a claim.

“The ‘actual cost’ method involves keeping a diary to record the work portion of household running expenses over a representative 13-week period, and also requires the taxpayer to keep documentary evidence of the specific costs incurred,” Bembrick says.

Adrian Raftery, founder of Mr Taxman, says the shortcut method is the simplest way of claiming home office costs and someone working 40 hours a week from their home from March 1 could be expected to claim about $540 using the 80¢ per hour method.

However, they would likely be able to claim more, depending on individual circumstances, by keeping a diary and using actual home office running costs, then producing it on ATO request.

Raftery estimates 30 per cent of those lodging tax

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